Demonstration Videos (a.k.a. Abaqus tutorials)

For each scripting example, the book first describes how to set up the model in the GUI (Abaqus/CAE). This is because you need to know how to perform the simulatino in Abaqus/CAE in the first place, before you attempt to script and enhance it. All the steps are spelled out in the book. Subsequently these videos were created for those of you who prefer to watch rather than read. Use the navigation menu on the left to view each video.

All the video recordings have been hosted on YouTube in the AbaqusPython channel and have been publicly visible for more than a year. Since each video covers a few basic topics, many students and researchers have instead used these to teach themselves Abaqus. Gautam is happy to leave these videos freely available to learners.

In addition, SIMULIA, the developer of Abaqus, employed Gautam to create an official video tutorial series for Abaqus. This series includes all of these videos, but they have been greatly enhanced with voice narration and in depth explanation of the model building process. The videos exist as part of the free Abaqus Tutorial Series on the new SIMULIA Learning Community (SLC).

If you are a beginner to Abaqus, it is strongly recommended that you view these enhanced videos on the SLC rather than the silent ones here, since every step of the process is explained by the author. They can be viewed at after creating a free login. Look around the main page for a link to them, or jump directly there using this link: .

You can also find tutorial videos for Isight (workflow optimization software) recorded by Gautam on the SLC. You can jump there directly using this link:

Message from author: I get a lot of emails asking for help with simulations and I am currently unable to respond to all of them due to other commitments. I recommend that you post your question on the 'IQuestions' section of the SLC. Or visit the popular engineering websites/forums iMechanica and Eng-Tips (which has a specific Abaqus FEA forum here). There is also an active Abaqus Yahoo group here.