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Gautam Puri Simulia Abaqus Tutorial Series

Gautam Puri has been writing Python scripts to run simulations in Abaqus since 2005. His first script was for a research project by the Systems Realization Laboratory at the Georgia Institute of Technology and partially sponsored by the US Army Research Lab. The project studied the optimization of material properties as well as layer dimensions of blast resistant panels. The parameterization of the model, followed by iterative changes for optimization purposes, was made possible using a Python script.

Gautam has a Masters degree in Aerospace Engineering. His focus areas were Computer-Aided Engineering, Aerodynamics, and Robotics. He is a proficient software developer who works primarily with Python, C# (.NET) and JavaScript, but has also worked with numerious other languages including C, C++, FORTRAN, and Java).

Gautam also spent a few years working for Simulia, the Dassault Systems brand that creates Abaqus. During his time there he worked on consulting projects, led training sessions, and provided technical support.

Gautam's portfolio can be found on StandoutVitae (link).


Contact: abaquspython@gmail.com (for book related queries).

Message from author: Please don't email me for help with your Abaqus simulations; I am unable to respond due to other commitments. You can learn Abaqus using the Abaqus FEA Tutorial Series that I have posted on StandoutVitae. I also publish articles there with Abaqus tips and tricks. If you have questions related to any of the material on StandoutVitae please post a comment there.